EATON's AEC-Q200 certified double layer capacitors

Automotive-Grade Supercapacitors

This year EATON introduced their first AEC-Q200 certified double layer capacitors.


TVA-series is a cylindrical cell with 3V and a capacitance range of 25F to 100F, which is suited for automotive applications providing high reliability, low resistance and long life.


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Features and Applications:

They are adapted from the highly reliable TV family, which has been produced since 2016. Automotive-grade TVAs are ideal for delivering high-density power throughout modern vehicles. The operating temperature is -40°C to +65°C, which can be extended to +85°C.


• 3V operating voltage for high power and high energy
• Ultra low ESR for high power density
• Large capacitance for high energy density
• AEC-Q200 qualified (meets EATON’s internal AEC-Q200 test plan)

• E-latch
• E-call
• Boardnet stabilization
• Car video recorder

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