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QUECTEL is the world's leading supplier of IoT modules and additionally has a wide range of external and embedded antennas, which we can now offer you as an official distribution partner. We are happy to support you in choosing the right antenna.

An external antenna can either be a terminal mount which has a connector like a BNC that connects the antenna to the outer housing of your product. Or it can be a cable mount version whereby the antenna is positioned away from the main product and is connected via a cable.

More About External Antennas

External antennas are needed when the device is situated in a low signal area such as a basement, or the electronics are housed inside a metal box. These antennas offer greater performance due to their design and size.

They are easy to implement (plug & play), are less susceptible to noise issues because the antenna is far from device electronics and minimize TRP (Total Radiated Power) and TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity) risk. However, due to aesthetics, many IoT devices these days cannot use such antenna types.

More About Embedded Antennas

Embedded antennas can be split into two types, SMD (surface mount device) or cable with connector, typically a U.FL type. These offer the smallest size and lowest cost but do require the designer to have more experience and understanding. This is where the RF layout becomes an important function of the design with regards to performance.

An SMD antenna requires a transmission line, typically a grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW) trace connecting it to the RF module. Positioning and placement of the antenna as well as the GCPW layout are critical to the wireless performance. Return loss is a quantity used within RF circuits where impedance matching is important. The return loss is the proportion of a signal that is reflected because of an impedance mismatch.

For an FPC (flexible printed circuit) or FR4 type antenna that is mounted to the underside of the product housing, a cable runs from the antenna to the RF module as the transmission line. This cable is part of the antenna, so its routing is equally important as that of the GCPW.

We Also Offer Customized Antennas

Sometimes a standard off-the-shelf antenna does not fit an application. That is when a customized antenna is designed specifically to meet the architecture and performance required. Embedded antennas typically only work well in certain places. So, when starting your architecture design, consider the antenna placement first. Also, pay detailed attention to surrounding devices and high-speed tracks nearby because antennas are susceptible to noise.


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