MPM82504 from MPS - 4x 25A in a Single Module

4x 25A in a Single Configurable Power Module

The MPM82504 from MPS is a quad 25A, scalable, fully integrated power module with a PMBus interface. The device offers a complete power solution that achieves up to 25A per output channel. The MPM82504 has four output channels that can be connected in parallel to provide 50A, 75A, or 100A of output current for flexible configurations.

To provide a higher output current, the module can also operate in parallel with the MPM3695-100 and additional MPM82504 devices. The MPM82504 operates at high efficiency across a wide load range.


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Full protection features

The device utilizes MPS’s proprietary, multi-phase constant-on-time (MCOT) control, which provides ultra-fast transient response and simple loop compensation. The PMBus interface enables flexible digital configurations and monitoring of key parameters.

Full protection features include over-current protection (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP), under-voltage protection (UVP) and over-temperature protection (OTP).

The MPM82504 requires a minimal number of readily available external components. It is available in a BGA (15x30x5.18mm) package.

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