New Hybrid Capacitors ZT Series from PANASONIC

AEC-Q200 Qualified High Ripple Current Hybrid Caps

The new AEC-Q200 qualified ZT series of Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors from PANASONIC Industry exceeds conventional high current and high temperature performance. 4,000 hours at 125°C (8,000 hours at 115°C, 16,000 hours at 105°C) in addition to a high ripple current capability in compact dimensions render ZT an ideal choice for the rather demanding types of modern industrial, automotive or power supply applications.

Advancing the performance specifications of the currently popular ZC series of hybrid capacitors, PANASONIC Industry now brings new ZT series into play, which stands out with an exceptional persistence and robustness for a vast number of demanding applications.

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For Use in Automotive Parts Under the Hood

Currently available with a rated voltage of 25~63VDC and a significant increase of 75~118% in ripple current capability by keeping the compact case sizes 8x10.2 and 10x10.2mm, PANASONIC’s latest hybrid capacitor evolution meets also the ambitious AEC-Q200 requirements.

Yusuke Nagata, team leader of the capacitor section at PANASONIC Industry, summarizes the field of relevant real world applications: “Next to many others, it reliably qualifies for being applied to inverters, converters, robotics, rectifier circuits and in particular for automotive parts under the hood where conditions turn out to be exceptionally harsh and hot”.

Good to know for that harsh matter: PANASONIC Industry also offers a vibration-proof version of ZT capacitors coming with a diameter of 8mm or larger. Those are able to handle shocks of as much as 30G, clearly exceeding standard vibration tolerance of 10G.


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