PoE-Module Ag5412 by SILVERTEL

One Size Fits All: The Brand New Ag5412

Silver Telecom Ltd. (SILVERTEL) launches their all-new Ag5400 series, backwards compatible to the established IEEE802.3af standard. The new high-efficient PoE module fits all currently released IEEE standards, the IEEE802.3at and the IEEE802.3bt.

The Ag5412 is pre-configured as a Type 2, Class 4 PoE, PD module to draw 30W from a compatible PSE Equipment.

The Ag5412 is designed on a compact SIL footprint to minimize PCB space. The module’s PCB only measures 57.3x14mm (LxH).

It comes with built in overload, short-circuit and thermal protection and is equipped with an adjustable 12V output.

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Flexible Companion for Different Applications

Its industrial temperature rating of -40 up to +85°C and highest efficiency rating of up to 93% allows the midget to deliver up to 30W. Its wide compatibility to IEEE802.3af, *.at and *.bt standards makes it a very flexible companion for an utterly endless number of applications. The Ag5412, delivering adjustable 12Vdc out is just the beginning. 5V and 24V variants are about to be released in the next couple of months.


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