Six New Snap-in E-Cap Series from RUBYCON

Select the Right Snap-In Electrolytic Capacitor

RUBYCON recently announced six new Snap-In type electrolytic capacitor series. With these new series, the company has expanded the overall Snap-In portfolio and also provided a clearer definition of Snap-In series. When it comes to choosing the perfect Snap-In capacitor, RUBYCON is the right manufacturer for you!

It is always difficult to understand information about capacitors by their series designation or part numbers, because each supplier has different definitions and rules. Some start all series names with U or B, others use initial letters like K and L, specifying different terminal options. Tables in catalogues or on homepages should provide information. However, it is still challenging to find out basic information (like temperature and lifetime) for each series.

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RUBYCON's Snap-In Series Definition

RUBYCON uses an easier way. The system for naming parts is straightforward and the assigned series names are always unique.

  • US series: 85°C 3.000hrs
  • MX series: 105°C 2.000 ~ 3.000hrs
  • VX series: 105°C 5.000hrs (except special VXR and VXS)
  • GX series: 105°C 7.000hrs
  • NX series: 105°C 10.000hrs
  • TH series: 125°C 2.000hrs

The last letter stands for the degree of miniaturization from low to high, i.e. C - G - H - K (MXC - MXG - MXH - MXK).

New RUBYCON Capacitors

  • GXH series, GXK series: 105°C 7.000hrs
  • NXH series, NXK series: 105°C 10.000hrs
  • THH series, THK series: 125°C 2.000hrs

The new capacitor series offer top specifications compared to market competitors. Especially the series where the series names end with "K". Compared to other manufacturers' products, these series minimize both the product diameter and length by 5mm or even 10mm, while offering higher ripple current and longer life.

The flagship products of the "K" series use very special material, which is reflected in the price. Therefore, the series ending in "H" such as GXH, NXH and THH have been designed as high runner products with a focus on cost efficiency. If you don't need downsizing, these "H" series are the right choice.

The specifications within these series in terms of size and capacity are also diverse. In addition, the voltage range for the GX and NX series is wide from 400V to 500V and also includes 420V, 450V and 475V levels so customers don't have to choose over-specified products.

All New Series Also Available For the Automotive Market

All new series are also available for the automotive market, as more and more applications in electric vehicles (e.g. on-board chargers) require higher capacity and longer life in the high voltage range. However, there are only a limited number of suppliers able to serve this demanding and high-quality market. RUBYCON is the reliable quality supplier for electrolytic capacitors, which already distinguishes itself in the choice of materials.

As usual with RUBYCON, all new products can be customized and optimized for the appropriate applications. If you need a higher specification than listed in the catalogue data, please contact our sales department.

Key Features

GX Series (105°C 7.000hrs)

  • Voltage: 160~500V
  • Capacitance: 68~1.000uF (inside 400V~500V range)
  • Ripple Current: 0.67~2.89A.r.m.s/120Hz, 105°C

NX Series (105°C 10.000hrs)

  • Voltage: 400~500V
  • Capacitance: 100~820uF
  • Ripple Current: 0.9~2.75A.r.m.s/120Hz, 105°C

TH Series (125°C 2.000hrs)

  • Voltage: 400~450V
  • Capacitance: 82~1.000uF
  • Ripple Current: 0.77~2.86A.r.m.s/120Hz, 125°C
  • Size: ⌀22x25~⌀35x60
  • Basic temperature range: -25~+105°C/+125°C (-40~ discussable)
  • Conform AEC-Q200


  • Suitable for applications requiring high voltage and capacitance (Industrial, Automotive)
  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • 5G small cells
  • On-Board Charger
  • Fanless Power Supply

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