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New Japan Radio - NJR
NJR offers products in the sensor area to detect objects. They also offer semiconductors as example OpAmps. From the technology point of view they use analog/digital mixed-signal processes.
Your contact for New Japan Radio - NJR:
Bild von Johannes Kornfehl
Johannes Kornfehl
Product Marketing Manager
+43 1 86305-149

New Japan Radio is a Japanese supplier and listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. They were founded in 1959.  The headquarter is based in Tokyo and they own production sites located throughout Japan. NJR offers „State Of The Art“ solutions for customers in the area of sensors and amplifiers. In the area of OpAmps, NJR is known as one of the big players from Japan. They are number 7 worldwide and can basically offer an OpAmp for each and every requirement. In the area of sensors, NJR started the development very early and is now able to offer perfect solutions based on Radar technology.

Products from New Japan Radio can be used in several markets segments as Healthcare, Wireless, Automotive, Solar Inverter and Industrial.

The company is certified with ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949.

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