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EATON's Automotive CAN-Ethernet Bus Filters

2020-04-24  Passive Components   EATON
EATON's Automotive CAN-Ethernet Bus Filters are AEC-Q200 compliant and support CAN & Ethernet protocols

Support CAN & Ethernet protocols

EATON’s Automotive CAN-Ethernet (ACE) Bus inductors provide excellent filtering with low parasitic capacitance to minimize noise intrusion in data lines on CAN and Ethernet vehicle connectivity modules. They come in 2012, 3225 and 4532 sizes with inductances ranging from 11 µH to 200 µH and impedances from 90 Ω to 15,000 Ω. Eaton ACE Bus Inductors support CAN and Ethernet protocols.The components are AEC-Q200 compliant, ensuring rugged mechanical and electrical performance in a wide range of temperatures.

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