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EATON’s CC12H Series: Small and powerful Fuses

2019-11-28  Passive Components   EATON
EATON’s series CC12H SMD fuses allows maximum protection without oversizing of the fuse rating.

Ensures a reliable short circuit protection

EATON’s series CC12H SMD fuses provides excellent inrush withstand performance coupled with the cycling advantages of a ceramic solid matrix construction. The CC12H is a cost-effective solution for applications in which high inrush currents and/or on-off cycling are present. The CC12H allows maximum protection without oversizing of the fuse rating.

How do I choose the right fuse?

Reliable short circuit protection is crucial for electronic circuits and several conditions must be taken into consideration when selecting the proper fuse. Ambient temperatures can vary widely both due to location within the application (at locations, where the temperature can reach +125°C) and the location of the application itself (down to -40°C in cold climate zones). EATON’s CC12H surface mount fuse is designed to operate over this wide temperature range (from -40°C to +125°C) with minimal de-rating. This means electronic designers can rely on the CC12H fuse to perform as expected under both extreme temperature conditions.

Circuit characteristics can also affect fuse selection. Electronic circuits often experience larger current in-rushes when turned on. EATON’s CC12H fuse allows higher current inrushes to pass while providing robust overcurrent protection to prevent circuit damage. This is important for applications that require overcurrent protection in a module where short circuits could lead to circuit or connector damage and potential fire, while also avoiding any premature openings due to normal current inrushes.

Automotive applications like infotainment, back-up cameras, instrumentation and engine control systems need reliable overcurrent protection for the life cycle of the product. EATON’s CC12H series 1206 SMD fuses are AEC-Q200 qualified in current ratings ranging from 250mA to 30A, making them ideally suited to meet the increasing overcurrent protection needs of automotive applications.

Key considerations for selecting EATON's CC12H fuse:

  • Smaller size (1206) reduces circuit layout area
  • High in-rush withstand capabilities reduces risk of “nuisance” openings
  • Low temperature de-rating increases protection against overcurrent at high and low temperatures
  • Mechanically robust package withstands high vibration environments
  • Full current range offering allows proper current rating selection
  • CC12H meets the automotive industry AEC-Q200 stress testing standard

For further information please contact Srecko Drazic or take a look at the datasheet.

Download Datasheet


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