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NIDEC SERVO's "Gentle Typhoon" Fans-Series

NIDEC SERVO's Gentle Typhoon Fans-Series is ideal for industrial and medical applications

Ideal for industrial and medical applications

These new 120mm square fan motors from NIDEC SERVO have a thickness of just 25mm and will outperform many 38mm fans available on the market today. They are ideal for industrial and medical applications where low noise and high reliability are essential.

NIDEC SERVO is expert for high performance fans

NIDEC SERVO has been developing and producing high quality and high performance fans and stepping motors for more than 70 years. Their decades long expertise resulted in the release of the Gentle Typhoon Series fan motors. These high performance fans with a thickness of 25mm are suitable for low speed applications where sound pressure levels as low as 19dB are offered, and high speed applications where maximum airflows of 4.25M3/min are achieved.

Features of the Gentle Typhoon series

Groundbreaking innovations such as a rectifier ring to reinforce the propeller blades and to produce surge-less and high impetus airflows have been incorporated in this design. A two-way vibration reduction technology, being achieved by a larger motor with minor fluctuation in rotational torque, and the integration of an internal vibration absorbing structure, has made it possible to offer a significantly lower noise level over a much wider operating range. In addition to models with variable speed and rotor lock protection, that are part of this new product family, NIDEC SERVO can meet many other requirements for customization, such as special wire lenghts with connectors and integrated sensors.

NIDEC SERVO is committed to the development of innovative technologies to make your next generation equipment even more quiet, reliable and efficient.

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