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"GreenShark" by SEVENSTAX

2020-07-29  Powerline Modules   SEVENSTAX
GreenShark by SEVENSTAX is a protocol analyzer tool, that enables clear text reading of ISO 15118 messages

Enables Clear Text Reading of ISO 15118 Messages

Are you interested in developing a charging station for electric vehicles that enables communication between the vehicle and the charging station, or are you interested in an onboard charger and would you like to follow and understand the messages that are exchanged between them? Then the new protocol analyzer tool "GreenShark" from SEVENSTAX could be of great help.

SEVENSTAX is a software specialist with a wide range of protocol stack implementations specifically designed for the use in embedded systems. GreenShark is a protocol analyzer tool and supports in the current version under Win32 on your PC decoding for:

  • DIN 70121 EXI messages
  • SECC Discovery Protokoll messages
  • V2G Transport Protokoll messages
  • ISO/IEC 15118 EXI messages

GreenShark Now Available in Our Sample Shop

The protocol analyzer tool GreenShark comes as Plug-In for the most commonly used and well known packet sniffer "WireShark".

Sample Shop

For more information,please contact Werner Reis.


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