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New HCM1A-V2 power inductor from EATON

2019-07-25  Passive Components   EATON
New HCM1A-V2 power inductor from EATON with increased heat dissipation

With increased heat dissipation

In the steady pursuit of improving, EATON Electronics just released their new HCM1A-V2 series of Metal Alloy Inductors. Compared to the standard HCM series this new series is uncoated and uses a new alloy powder, which shows certain benefits in terms of performance.

Advantages of the new series

On one hand, the increased heat dissipation and the lower DCRs allow much higher RMS currents; the new alloy powder on the other hand improves the saturation behavior. The HCM1A-V2 comes in the well-established sizes from 5.7x5.4x3mm to 17.45x17.15x7mm. At that chance, EATON additional increased the portfolio by HCM1A2213V2 in size 22.78x22.3x13mm. The whole series is AEC-Q200 certified for working temperatures up to 155°C, which makes them suitable for all kind of automotive applications as e.g. ADAS, engine and powertrain systems, body electronics, etc.

Find the links to the spec sheets below:

For more information, please contact Sebastian Gebhart.


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