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IMPULSE 2019/1

2019-05-24  CODICO News  
IMPULSE 2019:1 - The brand new issue of CODICOs magazine!

The brand new issue of CODICOs magazine!

Take a look at the brand new issue of our CODICO customer magazine IMPULSE 01/2019!  You can expect many exciting topics and insights about active and passive components as well as connectors:


  • 04| Build Smart Bluetooth Speaker with CSRA68105 by QUALCOMM
  • 06| From the practice: Customisation on a sound basis
  • 09| Power Management by TOREX: Solutions for small FPGA & MCU!
  • 12| ORIENT DISPLAY: Embedded LCD with Intelligence
  • 14| Passive Filter Design by MPS: Buck Regulators for Ultra-low Noise Applications
  • 18| POWER INTEGRATIONS: No neutral Power Supplies?
  • 20| COSEL: Happy Anniversary MG Series!
  • 22| Quantum leap in miniaturization: SILVERTEL’s Ag9900 Family


  • 23| SAGAMI is filtering your Class D Application
  • 24| SANYOU: New Designs of Miniature Power Magnetic Latching PCB Relays
  • 26| PANASONIC's new PIR Sensors
  • 28| AEC-Q200 certified Film Capacitors by PANASONIC
  • 30| Winner: RUBYCON's new PSV Series with highest Ripple Current in the Market!
  • 34| EATON: EDLCs for »Smart Metering«
  • 34| Crystal Solution for Automotive Power Line Communication by KDS


  • 37| PwrBlade®: AMPHENOL's Connector Family celebrates 20 Years of Excellence!
  • 38| AMPHENOL's Minitek MicroSpace™ for Automotive Applications
  • 39| More Power – CVILUX have introduced the CP60-Series
  • 40| Fast, Faster, Push-In Design: New Series by DINKLE
  • 41| HIROSE's DF51K-Serie for robust Wire-to-Board Connectors
  • 42| Ultra Low Card Connector by HIROSE
  • 43| DF62: HIROSE's small Slim In-Line Wire-To-Wire Connectors
  • 44| SUMIDA: Flexible Connection with Individual Bridging Lengths
  • 45| YAMAICHI's Y-Circ®-P Series: now available in a waterproof version
  • 46| Industrial Connection Systems: Take a benefit from SOURIAU's expertise and portfolio!


  • 03| CODICO Quality Award 2018
  • 48| Knowledge Management by CODICO
  • 49| The New GDPR: We take it seriously!
  • 50| HexaBike: Just one wheel change to make the E-Bike!
  • 52| Growth as an Opportunity: CODICO is expanding its headquarters in Perchtoldsdorf!
  • 53| CODICO goes on exhibition tour!
  • 54| The CODICO Team says HELLO!

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