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MAQ470 by MPS: 12-Bit Angle Sensor

2019-11-28  Sensors   MPS
MAQ470 by MPS is a 12-Bit Automotive Angle Sensor with ABZ Incremental & PWM Outputs

With ABZ Incremental & PWM Outputs

The MAQ470 from MPS detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder on a rotating shaft. Fast data acquisition and processing provide accurate angle measurement at speeds from 0 to 60,000 rpm.

The MAQ470 supports a wide range of magnetic field strengths and spatial configurations. Both end-of-shaft and off-axis (side-shaft mounting) configurations are supported. The MAQ470 features magnetic field strength detection with programmable thresholds to allow sensing of the magnet position relative to the sensor for creation of functions such as the sensing of axial movements or for diagnostics. On-chip non-volatile memory provides storage for configuration parameters, including the reference zero angle position, ABZ encoder settings, and magnetic field detection thresholds.

The MAQ470 is ideal for applications like Automotive Angle-and Speed Sensoring, Angle Encoders and Robotics.

For more information please contact Thomas Berner or take a look at the datasheet.

Download Datasheet


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