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The XC9267/68 series from TOREX

The XC9267/68 series from TOREX - World’s smallest 36V synchronous Buck DC/DC

World’s smallest 36V synchronous Buck DC/DC

Operating from 3V~36V and delivering loads up to 600mA, the XC9267/68 from TOREX is an ideal replacement for inefficient Linear Regulators used in many industrial applications.

Designed for very high efficiencies at low output loads the XC9267/68 works with low ESR ceramic capacitors and comes with a choice of two switching frequencies, 1.2MHz and 2.2MHz, adjustable soft start and a power good output.

Available in the ultra-small USP-6C package, measuring only 2x1.8x0.6mm, an extremely small DC/DC circuit can be implemented with a minimal number of external components.

Download Datasheets

For more information please contact Johannes Kornfehl or take a look at the datasheets.


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