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NEXEM introduces EE2 NQX

2020-01-24  Passive Components   NEXEM
NEXEM introduces EE2 NQX, a new version of the signal relay EE2

A new version of the signal relay EE2

NEXEM introduces a brand new version of their signal relay EE2 series. The relay is able to carry up to 3.2A depending on the ambient temperature. This has been achieved by adapting the contact material, the material of the contact spring, the cross section of the spring as well as the contact volume.

The relay was originally developed for the use in thermostats. The following inductive load was tested: 30VAC/3.5A inrush, 1.5A carry load > 200,000 operations. To control the relay monostable and latching coil systems with one or two coils are available. The EE2 NOX is a surface – mounting device, the engineer is able to select between a standard and minimum footprint.

Typical applications:

  • Heating controls/air conditions: thermostats
  • Industrial controls: PLC´s
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • eCall systems: Interface between amplifier for loudspeakers and the eCall module

For more information, please download the EE2 NQX datasheet. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Michael Blaha.


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