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New NJR Rail-to-Rail Input/Output OpAmp NJU77552 by NJR

NJR Rail-to-Rail Input/Output OpAmp NJU77552 mit geringem Stromverbrauch

For power-saving IoT applications

New Japan Radio (NJR) has launched a rail-to-rail input/output Operational Amplifier NJU77552. It features wideband of 1.7MHz, very low operating current of 50µA per circuit, high immunity to EMI, and has already entered mass production.


When compared to the predecessor the available frequency bandwidth is improved by about 40% out of 1.7MHz while the operating current is reduced for about 80% out of 50µA per circuit. NJU77552 supports high performance and power saving for IoT sensor devices. More details can be found in the following data sheet.

Download Datasheet

For more informatipn feel free to contact Johannes Kornfehl.


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