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2019-09-26  Semiconductor ICs   TRINAMIC
The TMC2590 is TRINAMIC's latest 2-phase stepper motor gate driver enables miniaturized design for highly competitive solutions.

High-Power Stepper Motor Gate Driver IC

The TMC2590 is TRINAMIC's latest 2-phase stepper motor gate driver. Complete with protection and diagnostics, the EMI-optimized chip with low power dissipation enables miniaturized designs for highly competitive solutions.

The TMC2590 is a 2-phase stepper motor gate driver with robust design and high power density. Covering a wide range of stepper motors with a 5V to 60V DC operating voltage, it’s the cost-efficient solution for many applications including textile, factory and lab automation, 3D printing, liquid handling, medical, security, pumps and valves, and POS devices.

With a Step/Dir interface, SPI, and stand-alone operation, the TMC2590 can be used with industry-typical motion controllers generating step signals. To ensure microstepping regardless of the motion controller used, the TMC2590 features MicroPlyer™, TRINAMIC’s step pulse interpolator for advanced 1/256 microstepping using 1/16 step pules or lower.

Both the TMC2590, the open-source TMC2590-EVAL, and the TMC2590-BOB are available.

For more information, please contact Johannes Kornfehl or take a look at the following datasheet.

Download Datasheet


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