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RUBYCON has launched the TSV-series

2019-03-28  Passive Components   RUBYCON
TSV series by RUBYCON - Higher ripple current and lower ESR at 150°C

Higher ripple current and lower ESR at 150°C

Using high heat resistance rubber and electrolytic liquid, TSV reaches 150°C reliability with similar low level of ESR as existing TGV series, specified for 125°C and 5.000hrs. This new TSV series reaches the highest ripple current and lowest ESR in the market of 150°C SMD electrolytic capacitors.


As always, RUBYCON offers high technology including higher rated ripple current and lower ESR. Through the long history of electrolytic capacitors, RUBYCON was the first company to work out low ESR electrolytic capacitors and this philosophy is still part of their new product development including the TSV series as well. Even though it might not be the first product to realize 150°C SMD electrolytic capacitors, this series has RUBYCON’s technology to lower ESR and increase ripple current further than any other product in the market.


For automotive applications


It can be used in extremely high temperature conditions, like control unit of gearbox, cooling fan and oil pumps in automotive application. Automotive market normally requires higher ripple current - TSV series will sure give more advantages to those applications.


TSV Specifications

SMD chip E-Cap with Wide Temperature Range and low impedance / AEC-Q200 conform 

Category Temperature Range


Rated Voltage Range


Capacitance Range


Rated Ripple Current

 110~150mA r.m.s./150ºC

Product size


Lifetime @ 150ºC



Samples and MP of TSV series are already available in our Sample Shop


For more information, please feel free to contact Yasunobu Ikuno or your nearest CODICO contact.




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