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New Push Button Smart Load Switches from TOREX

XC6193 & XC6194 - New Push Button Smart Load Switches from TOREX available now

XC6193 & XC6194 available now

The XC6193 and XC6194 from TOREX are push button load switches available in an ultra-small 2x2x0.33mm USP-8B06 package. The ICs operate between 1.8V~6V and consume only 0.01uA (typ) in stand-by mode thereby contributing to battery life extension.

By adding the XC6193 or XC6194 between the battery and the main power circuit on the board, or between the battery and the MPU if the MPU is connected directly to the battery without any power circuit, it is possible to completely shut the line from the battery, which in turn stops the battery draining over time. This function is called “Ship Mode” or “Shutdown Mode”.

For more details please contact Johannes Kornfehl.


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