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XC6237 from TOREX - 6V 150mA LDO Regulator

XC6237 from TOREX - 6V 150mA LDO Regulator with 'Green Operation' (GO) functionality

With "Green Operation" (GO) functionality

The XC6237 is a truly revolutionary low noise, high speed, LDO regulator which incorporates the proprietary ‘Green Operation’ (GO) functionality by TOREX. The GO circuit automatically reduces quiescent current at low output loads down to only 0.6μA (typ), whilst offering extremely fast ripple rejection (60dB @ 1kHz) and low dropout voltage (110mV @ 100mA) in high speed mode (HS).

Green operation (GO) automatically switches between a high speed mode (HS) and a power save mode (PS) depending upon the load current level. The switch point is fixed internally.

TOREX XC6237 - 6V 150mA

The XC6237 operates between 1.6V~6V and can support output currents up to 150mA. Output voltage is selectable in 50mV steps within a range of 1.2V~5V. This new LDO is available in SSOT-24 and an ultra-small USPQ-4B05 package, which measures 1x1x0.33mm. A SOT-23 package option (no CE pin) will be added in future.

For more information, please contact Johannes Kornfehl.


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