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New at YEEBO: 15.6“ TFT Displays

2019-12-19  Displays   YEEBO
YEEBO adds a large 15.6' TFT display with capacitive touch to its portfolio.

With Capacitive Touch

YEEBO, previously known as manufacturer of small monochrome LCDs and small to medium TFTs, is expanding its product range. TFT displays with large sizes are now also available. This family is to be continuously expanded in the future.

Trend towards larger TFT displays

The industry has been relying on larger displays for some time now. YEEBO is taking this into account and adding a 15.6" TFT display to its existing products suitable for industrial use at a very reasonable price.

The TFT display has the classic wide format with an aspect ratio of 16:9 combined with a FullHD resolution (1080p) or 1920x1080 pixels. The display panel is based on IPS glass and therefore offers an excellent viewing angle of 89° in all directions. Another interesting feature is the lifetime of the white LED backlight, which is stated to be min. 50,000 hours.

15.6“ Touch-Screen-Display

Many, if not most applications today require touch functionality. The 15.6" panel is therefore also offered as a touch screen display. The projected capacitive touch manufactured in YEEBO’s own touch factory uses the so-called OGS (One Glass Solution) technology. The advantage is that the cover glass can be left out, since its function is taken over by the touch glass - a not inconsiderable cost factor which is dropped. The touch controller used is an Ilitek ILI2510 (optionally with I²C or USB interface), which has very good EMC characteristics. Even operation with gloves or water drops is no problem. Despite the touch panel and the thin LED backlight, the IPS display has a brightness of 590cd/m² - a quite appealing value.

You want to know more details? Take a look at the 15.6" TFT display datasheet or contact Christian Forthuber.


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