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Ultra miniaturized hybrid-capacitor from PANASONIC

2019-08-29  Passive Components   PANASONIC
The new hybrid capacitor of the ZKU series from PANASONIC with guaranteed lifetime of 4.000h at 125°C.

With high ripple current capability

A new hybrid capacitor of the ZKU series (125°C/4.000h), which currently offers the highest capacitance per case size on the market, has been presented by PANASONIC Industry Europe. For applications in which beside, high ripple current capability, a certain capacitance value is also decisive, space can be saved by smaller dimensions or by reducing the number of components required.

Compared to PANASONIC's already miniaturized ZK series, ZKU offers approximately 20% more capacitance with the same case size and voltage, which is currently market leading. With their consistently high ripple current capability and AEC-Q200 certification, these capacitors are ideal for demanding automotive and industrial applications. In addition, a compact design of your application is possible.

Fields of application 

Focus-applications are eg. DC-DC converter, battery management systems, power supplies, motor control, robotics and similar. The adoption of ZKU series in EPS applications decreases the PCB area by 25% when compared to other hybrid capacitors on the market. It is currently available with a rated voltage of 25V and 35V and can also be supplied in a vibration resistant version up to 30G.
In the dimensions of 10x10.2mm eg. 560µF can be achieved at 25V. The guaranteed lifetime is 4.000 hours at 125°C and full ripple current load.

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For more information feel free to contact Roland Trimmel or take a look at the datasheet.

Download Datasheet


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