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Cabinet Relays & Accessories

With the cabinet relays from the series LR, EMI/EZ and RE, and the extensive range of accessories consisting of holders, retaining bars, labelling boards, and plug-in modules, the needs of a modern interface product range in the switch cabinet are covered. Three installation widths are available: 6.2, 15.7 and 27.2mm for 1-pole, 2-pole and 4-pole relays from 5 to 16 Ampere.

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GOODSKY Electric Co. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical relays for applications in white and brown goods, industry, telecommunications, and office automation, as well as in the automotive industry.


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Further information concerning cabinet relays can be found at GOODSKY Plug in Relay and GOODSKY Sockets and Accessories.

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