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The term “Clock ICs” is understood to mean a variety of different groups of timing devices. Precise timing is extremely important with a very large number of digital applications, in particular in communications technology. Devices like these are also needed in the automotive and handheld sectors too, however, where an extremely small jitter and skew are very decisive in all situations.

The term “jitter” is understood to mean that a pulse signal “shivers” with regard to time, which is obviously very undesirable.

“Skew” is understood to mean the time offset of digital signals over different paths. This can influence the function of the digital switching circuit, or even interfere with it.

In the range, we have devices for clock generation, buffering, and distribution.

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AKM provides customers with optimum solutions based on a wide variety of sensing devices using compound semiconductor technology and IC products featuring analog/digital mixed-signal technology. AKM is also one of the Key Players in the High End Audio IC market.


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