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A Display format for every application

Nowadays, there are a lot of applications which without displays would be almost inconceivable. The simplest status indications can now be represented by tiny little displays, informatively and efficiently, which at the same time gives added value to every product.

Likewise, big panels, including the right multi-touch technology for the application, are an important part of our daily life. The intuitive display gesture control, which is now an essential in the consumer sector for Smartphones and Tablets, is at the same time on the way to becoming the universal standard in CODICO’s focus markets, too, i.e. in industry, automation, medical technology, and the automobile industry. 

How to choose the right display for your application

Our whitepaper series about displays and touchscreens offers valuable expert knowledge to help you find the right display for your application. We explain various aspects that are important for the selection in order to make your decision easier.


We offer customized display solutions

Together with long-standing partners and manufacturers, CODICO is working on standard and customized solutions, tailor-made for various applications, requirements, and expectations. We will be happy to advise you on your specific project and help you with the selection and configuration of the displays.

Subcategories of Displays:

Produktkategorie LCDs


The most widespread display Technology!

Produktkategorie OLEDs


An indispensable part of the display market!

Produktkategorie Touchpanels


For various display sizes


This all means that the display market is constantly on the move. In addition to the established LCD technology, contrast-rich OLEDs have become an essential part of the market. Additionally, the new e-Paper display technology is really gaining ground in extremely energy-saving applications.

When it comes to touchpanel technologies for displays, the capacitive variants are winning on almost all markets. The simple use of design or protective glass elements combined with the capacitive touch technique is clearly expanding the areas of use in comparison with resistive technology.

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