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Electromechanical Relays & Accessories


What are Electromechanical Relays?

An electromechanical relay (EMR) is a switch where the contacts are moved by induction through a coil. The contacts are mechanically connected with the moveable part of the coil system. This part is pulled in by the iron core of the coil when current flows through the windings of the coil. With this movement the contact spring is moved as well. With this design principle a galvanic separation between coil side and contact side is achieved.

At CODICO you find a comprehensive portfolio of Reed Relays, Signal Relays, Monostable Power Relays, Polarized Power Relays and Automotive Relays allowing you to select the right switching solution in your application.

Subcategories of Electromechanical Relays & Accessories:

Produktkategorie Automotive Relays

Automotive Relays

Printable and pluggable versions for applications in the automotive sector

Produktkategorie Cabinet Relays & Accessories

Cabinet Relays & Accessories

Modern interface product range in the switch cabinet!

Produktkategorie Power Relays

Power Relays

Find here your optimal Power PCB relay!

Produktkategorie Reed Relays

Reed Relays

For security systems and telecommunication equipment.

Produktkategorie Signal Relays

Signal Relays

For different applications!


Accessories for electromechanical relays

With the extensive range of accessories consisting of holders, retaining bars, labelling boards, and plug-in modules, the needs of a modern interface product range in the switch cabinet are covered. Sockets for the assembly on the pc board complete the product offer. Using this component allows a fast and simple way to change the relay without additional tooling in case of maintenance.

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