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HomePlug AV / AV2


HomePlug AV / AV2 / IEEE1901: Distribution of Ethernet data over the household power supply or other networks in the house

For higher data rate transmission in the area of multiple megabit per second's products according HomePlug AV Standard, come to mind. At good line conditions and with 200 Mbps line data rate a real UDP data rate of 95 Mbps can be achieved. At short lines or at lower attenuation the maximum user data rate typically is limited by the MII interface.

In case even higher data rates are required products according to HomePlug AV2 respectively IEEE1901 Standard are recommended. With 500 Mbps line data rate they are able to achieve up to 250 Mbps UDP data rate.

These products usually can be operated with MII or rGMII interface. All products according HomePlug AV / AV2 respectively IEEE1901 Standard transmit data in Ethernet format.

CODICO does offer modules based on HomePlug AV / AV2 / IEEE1901 Standards.

2LAN500 HomePlug AV2-Modul

2WireConverter Set Product Brief

2WireConverter Set Manual

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ADATIS is specialized in the fields of biometry, access control and video surveillance. Another field of business are Ethernet based transmission over existing wiring by using HomePlug AV / AV2 Power Line Communication based on Qualcomm PLC ICs. ADATIS provides 500 Mbps PLC modules in both commercial temperature range and industrial temperature range.


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