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Integrated Services Digital Network

Over an ISDN Interface all data communication are digital. The ISDN Basic Interface has two voice/date channels (B-Chanel). Therefore two voice or FAX devices and voice connectivity can be used simultaneously. In combination with a DSL an additional DSL-interface for PC is available.

COLOGNE CHIP offers ISDN single-chip solutions for Basic Rate and Primary Rate Access. Some ICs are tailored for PC applications (such as ISDN PCI add-on cards), others are perfectly suited for embedded applications (such like Residential Gateways, VoIP Gateways and PABX). All of them do not only act as Line Interface Unit for Basic Rate S/T Interface or UpN/Up0 Interface respectively for Primary Rate E1 Interface, but also include HDLC controllers and deep FIFOs on all channels.

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COLOGNE CHIP started off with Communications ICs for the Subscriber Line Applications. Recently, they have introduced a SRAM-based FPGA family called GateMate. The FPGAs are characterized by low power consumption, a new logic cell and a new routing structure. The first products target low and medium size gate counts. COLOGNE CHIP also offers ISDN controller ICs for Basic Rate and Primary Rate Access, which are encased by HFC-S mini, as well as highly integrated HDLC controller and ISDN transceiver chips for a variety of ISDN applications.


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