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CODICO offers a wide range of inductors and transformers as well as their different technologies from well-known, high-quality manufacturers.

As a design-in distributor, CODICO focuses on applications in which the coil or the transformer play an essential role.

Typical applications for inductors and transformers are automotive, industrial and consumer electronics.

Subcategories of Inductors:

Produktkategorie Chip Inductors

Chip Inductors

CODICO offers several varieties, sizes and Technologies!

Produktkategorie Class-D Inductors

Class-D Inductors

Extensive portfolio of Class D inductors

Produktkategorie Metal Alloy Inductors

Metal Alloy Inductors

With high current capability and reliability!

Produktkategorie Mode Chokes

Mode Chokes

A wide range of common mode chokes

Produktkategorie PLC Coupling Transformer

PLC Coupling Transformer

Power line communication is already well known for smart home systems.

Produktkategorie Power Inductors

Power Inductors

Custom-designed to your application!

Produktkategorie Power Transformer

Power Transformer

For the optimal solution for your application!

Produktkategorie Signal Transformer

Signal Transformer

To keep the best possible preservation of the signal form!

Produktkategorie Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless Power Transmission

All about transferring energy between two devices through coils!


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