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CODICO offers Hand-held microphones, Microphone heads, Gooseneck microphones, Hands free microphones, Microphone loudspeakers, Hand-held devices, Table speech locations (console systems), Loudspeakers, Transmit buttons, Accessories but also Customer-specific solutions.

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PEITEL, a member of the PEIKER group, stands for professional equipment for perfect voice transmission. Its extensive product range encompasses various types of microphones, handsets, speakers, voice units, and microphone speakers along with additional headsets.


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Hand-held microphones

Dynamic microphones

  • With one or more buttons
  • With volume regulators
  • Long-life PEIGUM® helical cable
  • Convenient use transmit button
  • Low-noise microphone capsule
  • Very long-life switch contact
  • Contact protection to prevent unintentional operation
  • Watertight (IP6K8)

Electret microphones

  • With one or more buttons
  • With directivity effect
  • Robust, chrome-plated housing
  • Long-life PEIGUM® helical cable
  • Very long-life switch contact
  • Volume regulators

Microphone heads

Dynamic microphone heads

  • For front plate and gooseneck installation
  • Protected against metal dust (INTERCEPT System) and spray and splash water
  • With directivity effect

Electret microphone head

  • With directivity effect
  • For gooseneck installation
  • Dynamic double microphone head

Gooseneck microphones

Dynamic gooseneck microphones

  • With button
  • With On/Off switch
  • Protected against metal dust (INTERCEPT System) and spray and splash water
  • With directivity effect
  • With extremely long-life switch contact

Electret gooseneck microphones

  • With button
  • Protected against dust and spray and splash water (IP54)
  • With integrated wind protection
  • With directivity effect
  • With adjustable microphone pre-amp
  • And more.

Hands free microphones

Surface-mount electret microphones

  • Stable plastic housing
  • Microphone pre-amp
  • With directivity effect
  • With adjustable microphone pre-amp
  • Integrated wind protection
  • Small, unassuming design format
  • Very thin and elastic cable, facilitates installation in motor vehicles
  • Integrated microphone-pre-amp
  • Technical data in accordance with VDA specification

Electret installation microphone

  • All-metal housing with rubber casing
  • Protected against dust and spray and splash water (IP54)
  • With directivity effect
  • Stable plastic housing
  • Microphone pre-amp

Microphone loudspeakers

Electret microphone loudspeakers

  • With one or three buttons
  • With two buttons and LED
  • IP67 protected

Dynamic microphone loudspeaker

  • With one or three buttons
  • With microphone level regulator

Electret-microphone mute

  • With three buttons and with microphone level regulator

Hand-held devices with:

  • PTT button
  • Hand-up mounting (also available separately)
  • Release button
  • Transmit button
  • Thumb bar
  • One or three switches
  • USB connection
  • Keyboard
  • Graphics-compatible colour display
  • Flash memory


Table speech locations (console systems) with:

  • Dynamic microphone
  • One or three buttons
  • USB connections
  • Three LED’s
  • Loudspeaker
  • Socket for external loudspeaker


Dynamic small loudspeakers

  • Long-term stable plastic diaphragm
  • High performance, low space requirement
  • Frequency range optimized for radio broadcasting
  • Elastic retaining bar
  • With integrated amplifier
  • Clamp or pivot mounting optionally usable
  • Vertical or horizontal installation capability


Compact pressure chamber loudspeaker

  • Robust flame-resistant plastic housing
  • Extremely compact design
  • High sound pressure
  • Protection class IP65 (6K5) (IEC 60529; VW 80101)
  • Resistant to salt mist (IEC 60068; VW 80101)
  • In colours black and red

Transmit buttons

  • For gooseneck designs (standard and watertight)


  • Goosenecks for microphone heads
  • Different base plates for securing goosenecks
  • Securing angle element for reliable securing of gooseneck microphones and transmit buttons
  • Retaining flange for fixing gooseneck microphones and microphone heads
  • Retaining devices for secure fastening of different pei tel PMR products
  • Amplifier for amplification of output signals of different dynamic microphones
  • Wind protection for different pei tel PMR microphones
  • Miscellaneous = Range of accessories for pei tel PMR products

Customer-specific solutions

Modifications of existing products or new developments can readily be tested on enquiry.

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