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Network Processor for CPE


Network Processor for CPE INTEL’s GRX 300 CPE network processor series offers a paradigm shift, by introducing INTEL’s AnyWAN™  Technology. The GRX 300 is WAN agnostic and is able to support multiple broadband access WAN technologies, connected through the appropriate PHY/Modem IC’s.

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High performance INTEL processors are at the heart of innovative solutions for service providers and broadcasters spanning the cloud, network, home gateway, clients, and mobile. The connected Home Division aims to transform people’s digital lives with trusted and effortless connected home experiences. As gateway technologies are transforming the home, INTEL targets to make the network faster and smarter. The broadband gateway is becoming the edge of the cloud and enabling the Internet of things and the smart, connected home.


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With integrated 2.4GHz 802.11n Wifi, an integrated Gigabit Ethernet Switch (and PHYs), plus integrated VoIP engine and codecs, the GRX 300 offers a high level of integration on the LAN side. System developers can achieve further product differentiation by using the broad range of interfaces like PCIe, USB, RGMII, SPI of the GRX 300 to connect different 802.11ac 5GHz solutions or home automation technologies, like DECT ULE, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc... Two acceleration CPU engines and an offload engine guarantee enough headroom on the main CPU core for application software. INTEL’s GRX 300 series in combination with universal DSL PHY VRX 318 allows system developers to easily design all flavors of DSL gateway platforms. Thanks to AnyWAN™ concept, system designers can reuse all their previous development efforts to build LTE gateways, Ethernet-Wifi- Router products or GPON HGUs by using the same design and exchanging the WAN frontend/modem technology. The rest of the platform design (LAN interfaces, CPE network processor, system SW) can stay unchanged. This reduces product development time and risks as well as development costs. Today, GRX 300 and INTEL’s AnyWan™ concept are already established in markets around the globe. The solution is used in multiple DSL, LTE, GPON and Ethernet gateway designs in both operator markets as well as in retail markets.

Key Features

  • Highest system integration and scalability with dedicated external devices
  • High-performance CPU architecture supported with dedicated accelerator for embedded 802.11n WLAN
  • Wire speed routing performance at zero CPU load supported by Smart Acceleration for guaranteed session bandwidth & QoS (e. g. IPTV)

Fully scalable and flexible Gigabit-Ethernet Gateway

Product Name, Sales Code Description

Gigabit Ethernet Router/Gateway XWAY™ GRX300 PXB 4389 SoC with integrated 2x2 WiFi Gigabit Ethernet Gateway SoC with XWAY™ GRX330 PXB 4389-720 integrated 2x2 WiFi RF/PA companion chip for xRX 300, XWAY™ WRX312 PSB 82312 2x2, 2,4 GHz, single band

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