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PoE - Power over Ethernet


PoE describes power transmission over a standard cat 5/6 twisted pair cable, thus not only eliminating the need for a power line, but also allowing installation by amateurs due to the safe low voltage. PoE works with voltages below 60V and is thus considered SELV (safety extra low voltage). A distinction is made between injectors (PSE – power sourcing equipment) and consumers (PD- powered device).

CODICO offers IC- and Module-solutions for the signature and power supply of powered devices (PD) as well as Modules for PSE (power sourcing equipment).

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Monolithic Power Systems Inc. (MPS) is one of the leading suppliers for Power Management ICs. MPS offers high-performance power solutions in industrial applications, telecom infrastructures, cloud computing, automotive and consumer applications.


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SILVER TELECOM Ltd. specialises on developing miniaturized electronic modules. SILVERTEL's product portfolio include Power over Ethernet acc. to IEEE802.3at/af and IEEE802.3bt, Telephony interfaces wireless chargers (Qi), LED driver and battery charging controllers.

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