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Filter and Protection Components

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Noise suppression has become an important issue, particularly with regard to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Design-in support

CODICO provides you with total design-in support, including samples and technical consultancy. This enables CODICO to offer noise suppression solutions for a broad array of applications, as well as product information on EMI suppression filters, including ferrite beads, filters with integrated capacitors, common mode choke coils, and block-type (high damping of large currents) filters.

Subcategories of Filter and Protection Components:

Produktkategorie ESD Protective Elements

ESD Protective Elements

Protect products from ESD Events!

Produktkategorie Interference Supression Capacitor

Interference Supression Capacitor

CODICO provides ceramic and film capacitors!

Produktkategorie Mode Chokes

Mode Chokes

A wide range of common mode chokes

Produktkategorie Varistors


Surge Protection Devices


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