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Pressure sensors are the most important element in a pressure measuring system which converts a physical variabley (pressure = force per area) into an electrical output signal.

The pressure sensor itself can be a simple passive element with need of an external AD-converter, requiring also signal post-processing, or an integrated system.  In most cases it is not the absolute pressure, e.g. compared to vacuum or 0 bar, that is measured, but a pressure difference. This makes the system independent of general external influences, such as current atmospheric pressure and altitude.

Differential pressure sensors

Differential pressure sensors are able to detect a pressure difference between two measuring points. In the case of integrated and intelligent sensors, these include the actual analog input, filtering, conversion into digital signals, compensation algorithms for zero point, temperature- and lifetime- drift, as well as the digital output, usually via I²C or SPI.

The applications for differantial pressure sensors reach from HVAV applications, e.g. measuring the exact pressure in every chamber and the airflow, to medical applications, e.g. spirometry or anesthesia ventilators. Those sensors need to have a high accuracy and a stable long-term reliability.

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SUPERIOR SENSOR TECHNOLOGY was founded 2016 in the USA. The main goal is to provide easy to use and higly accurate pressure sensors. The sensors allow easy calibration to different pressure-ranges and offer a high long-term stability. With integration of intelligence and self-awareness into the sensors the reliability of the complete system is increased even more.


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