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Sensors are available in different designs and are used for detecting various physical parameters.

Sensors from CODICO's portfolio can be considered as both passive and active components, and provide either an analog or a digital output signal.

Sensors are used in various applications, like industrial controls, automotive electronics, white goods, alarm systems, and much more.

Subcategories of Sensors:

Produktkategorie Current Sensor

Current Sensor

Sensors for current measurement

Produktkategorie Hall Sensor

Hall Sensor

Modern Hall-ICs

Produktkategorie Optical Sensors

Optical Sensors

CMOS Image Sensors and PIR Sensors

Produktkategorie Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Sensors for detecting pressure differences

Produktkategorie Radar Sensor

Radar Sensor

For data collection, precision locating and tracking applications

Produktkategorie Reed-Sensors


Magnetic proximity sensors

Produktkategorie Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Thermistors, NTC Sensors and PTC Sensors


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