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The INTEL VINAX™ family of VDSL2 transceiver chipsets targets all Central Office and Remote Terminal system applications in place today and envisioned for tomorrow. With an enhanced feature set, the most options, and smallest packages in the industry, VINAX™ covers the full range of application requirements, including high-density linecards for 17a and 30a (and other) profiles, vectoring, ReTx and bonding, and advanced diagnostics. INTEL's solutions integrated into high-value, low-cost products will prepare you for the future of VDSL2.

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High performance INTEL processors are at the heart of innovative solutions for service providers and broadcasters spanning the cloud, network, home gateway, clients, and mobile. The connected Home Division aims to transform people’s digital lives with trusted and effortless connected home experiences. As gateway technologies are transforming the home, INTEL targets to make the network faster and smarter. The broadband gateway is becoming the edge of the cloud and enabling the Internet of things and the smart, connected home.


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The INTEL VINAX™ IVE1000 is the first merchant market System-Level Vectoring Engine. It demonstrates a breakthrough in full system-level vectoring capability, scalability and expandability up to 384 ports. It more than doubles data rates and reach. The INTEL VINAX™ IVE1000 supports full and partial cancellation for the most cost-effective, power efficient and future-proof broadband infrastructure deployment.

Key Features

  •  Smallest package size in the industry, high density VDSL2 linecards up to 72 channels
  • Single chipset supporting 17MHz and 30MHz
  • Industry-leading power consumption of 0.9W per port, surpassing Code of Conduct (CoC) requirements
  •  Integrated line testing controller for Metallic Line Testing (MELT) VINAX™ V3 Architecture

Product Name, Sales Code Description

VINAX™-D V3 PEF 88300 EL V3.1- 16ch (profile 17a) / 8ch (profile G 30a) Digital Frontend for VDSL2 linecards VINAX™-A8 V3 PEF 88208 EL V3.1- 8ch (profile 17a/30a) Analog G Frontend for VDSL2 linecards VINAX™-L2 V3 PEF 88602 V V3.1 1 and 2-channel Class AB Line Driver (LD)


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