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VoIP Codec/SLIC for CPE


INTEL delivers a comprehensive range of silicon, software and firmware solutions for residential subscriber side (FXS) telephony applications. DUSLIC™-xT as the most recent addition to INTEL's mature and field-proven Voice CPE product line can be used with any industry standard processor to perform all necessary telephony tasks such as ringing and line testing.

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High performance INTEL processors are at the heart of innovative solutions for service providers and broadcasters spanning the cloud, network, home gateway, clients, and mobile. The connected Home Division aims to transform people’s digital lives with trusted and effortless connected home experiences. As gateway technologies are transforming the home, INTEL targets to make the network faster and smarter. The broadband gateway is becoming the edge of the cloud and enabling the Internet of things and the smart, connected home.


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PIN-to-PIN compatible 1 and 2 channel solutions enable customer to design a single hardware on basis of a 2- layer design. Compared to other available devices, DUSLIC-xT offers full CO grade transmission performance (concerning ringing, feeding, DTMF generation & detection, and Caller-ID) with an industrial temperature range. DUSLIC-xT also supports industry standard (GR-909) line test requirements and additional unique tests such as electronic ring detection to validate lines that have no handset attached. A Bill of Materials below 30 cents (U.S.) and the ability to implement designs on a 2-layer PCB allows CPE system manufacturers to offer voice telephony with CO grade performance and full wideband (16 kHz/16 bit) support at optimized system cost. Industry leading lowest power consumption, measured in both on and off-hook conditions, allows system manufacturers to meet stringent Code of Conduct requirements while using a smaller power supply to further improve system design and cost.

Key Features

  • System-on-chip solution for 1 and 2 channel FXS
  • CO-grade transmission performance - Best-in-class RBOM - Extremely low power consumption
  •  Advanced integrated line testing Diagram
  • Broadband Home GatewayProduct Name Sales Code Description DUSLIC™-xT1 PEF 3101 V V1.4 1-channel CODEC/SLIC DUSLIC™-xT2 PEF 3201 V V1.4 / 2-channel CODEC/SLIC PEF 3201 F V1.4


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