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Webinar: Acconeer's ultra low power radar

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CODICO hosts a webinar about ACCONEER's Pulsed Coherent Radar technology, and how it brings radar into battery-driven devices for industrial, consumer electronics and IoT. You will get a first introduction to the unique possibilities of the A1 low power, high precision, pulsed short-range radar sensor. We will also talk about the applications where radar is a key technology. The webinar will be held by technical experts from ACCONEER.


Join us for the live-webinar on Thursday, 28.11.2019 from 11:00 to 11:45 CET!


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Our Agenda

  • Short introduction
  • Radar Technology and its benefits
  • Products
  • Application Areas
  • Roundup


ACCONEER AB is a public company from the south of Sweden listed on Nasdaq First North. Based on research from Lund University, they have created an unique radar solution that enables new opportunities for human interaction with technology. The radar sensor is based on pulsed coherent radar technology and combines extremely low power consumption with high accuracy. The unique characteristics of this radar sensor make it possible to identify materials and detect motion in advanced sensor applications. The small size, only 5x5 mm, and low power consumption are ideal for compact battery-driven and mobile devices.



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