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Our Logistics Services

The following are examples of important logistics services that we offer:

  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Customer-specified delivery days – collective deliveries can help save costs!
  • Custom labeling and barcode labeling
  • Buffer warehousing, which can be implemented in support of orders that have “time controlled” delivery dates, thus always ensuring the availability of products for shipment 
  • Backup inventories (i.e., a “safety stock”) can be implemented for certain articles to ensures adequate stocks are available to you even if when the manufacturer experiences delivery difficulties
  • Consignment warehousing, to mean setting up a consignment stock for you, which can be automatically replenished (based on your call-offs and forecasts) to lower your warehouse stocks and costs
  • Kanban processes, in which the desired article is automatically resupplied
  • EDI 
  • Credit note procedures
  • Min-max system
  • Online forecasting system
  • Batch no. and date code tracking 
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – we use only pad packing as filler material
  • CODICO’s new logistics hub in Hong Kong has been operational since mid-2009. The hub was implemented in cooperation with our logistics partner Weiss-Röhlig Hong Kong Ltd. Shipments containing products manufactured by our Far Eastern suppliers and intended for delivery to our Far Eastern customers can now be split, processed and re-forwarded in Hong Kong. With “processed” we mean, for example, applying specific labels as requested by our customers. The hub provides the following advantages:
      • Shorter delivery lead times
      • Our ability to offer flexible buffer stocks to Far Eastern customers
      • A lower overall environmental burden due to shorter transport routes, including reduced CO2 emissions
      • An improved ability to utilize the long-standing experience of our partner Weiss-Röhlig Hong Kong Ltd. throughout the Far East

A variety of factors influence which logistics concept might best fit your needs. If you let us know your requirements, we would be pleased to help find the concept that works best for you! 

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