ACCONEER is a leading sensor company based in Lund, Sweden, which develops radar sensors. They are used in today’s 3D sensor applications for Robot-, IoT-, Wearable-, Healthcare- and Fitness-Markets. Target applications for ACCONEER are Parking Sensors, Waste Management, Level Gauge Measurement as well as sensors for robots and drones.

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ACCONEER is a public company from the south of Sweden listed on Nasdaq First North. Based on research from Lund University, ACCONEER has created an unique radar solution that creates new opportunities for human interaction with technology.

The radar sensor is based on pulsed coherent radar technology and combines extremely low power consumption with high accuracy. The unique characteristics of this radar sensor make it possible to identify materials and detect motion in advanced sensor applications. The small size, only 5x5 mm, and low power consumption are ideal for compact battery-driven and mobile devices. From the technology point of view the chips works in the licence free 60 GHz ISM Band and is robust against interferences, dust and other factors.

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  1. A111-001-TY
    Radar Sensors A111-001-TY
  2. LH112 lens evaluation kit
  3. LH122
    Radar Sensors LH122
  4. XB112 HP Module Breakout board
  5. XC112 Connector board
  6. XE132 Entry evaluation kit
  7. XM112 Radar Sensor Module
  8. XM122 IoT Module
    Radar Sensors XM122 IoT Module
  9. XM132 Entry module
    Radar Sensors XM132 Entry module
  10. XR112 Reference board

11 Items

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