DINKLE group is one of the largest terminal block manufacturers in Asia. The company is dedicated to industrial automation to help customers increase their productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

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DINKLE's Quality Management System

DINKLE's headquarter is located in Taipei and they have trading and service organizations in over 40 countries. DINKLE has established the complete product quality and environmental friendly management system, through the practice of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and its certifications. Dinkle products are also certified with UL, CUL, CSA, VDE, TÜV and CQC.

DINKLE has the complete production process in-house, in order to control the quality and lead-time while maintaining flexibility for customized requirements. DINKLE'sVDE certified laboratory performs mechanical and electrical tests that always follow UL and IEC standards to assure that product quality is always achieved in production.

DINKLE's Product Portfolio

  • Terminal Blocks: Screw and spring type versions, barrier style
  • Terminal Blocks with integrated light pipes
  • DIN Rail Solutions

Besides standard products, DINKLE is able to offer special and tailor-made solutions, too:

  • Insulators in other colors
  • Printings
  • Modifications of standard products (adaption of insulator, etc)
  • Special packings, codings, labelling, ...

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  1. 0225-0117
    DINKLE Bus System 0225-0117
  2. 0225-0509
    DINKLE Bus System 0225-0509
  3. 0225-1117TH/14
    DINKLE Bus System 0225-1117TH/14
  4. BS-020
    DINKLE Bus System BS-020
  5. BS-100
    DINKLE Bus System BS-100
  6. BS-210
    DINKLE Bus System BS-210
  7. BS-5212U
    DINKLE Bus System BS-5212U
  8. BS-531XN
    DINKLE Bus System BS-531XN
  9. BS-550X
    DINKLE Bus System BS-550X
  10. BS-C028
    DINKLE Bus System BS-C028

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