Optical Navigation Sensors

Different Optical Navigation Technologies

CODICO offers different optical navigation sensors and technologies from PIXART:

  • Track-on-Glass Laser navigation sensor
  • SoC gaming optical mouse sensors
  • With Laser and IR LED
  • Wired or wireless
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PIXART Imaging Inc. is a manufacturer of optical sensors with a wide range of sensors and diverse technologies for complex man-machine interface solutions, HMI applications and measurement and control systems.

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Joachim Strohschenk is product manager
Joachim Strohschenk +49 89 1301438-17 E-MAIL

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  1. Nidec wl10
    Leaded Sensors WL10-NP-2
  2. Pixart_PAT9130_CDC
  3. image_349
    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK9101IS Sample Kit (CDC)
  4. image_375
    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK9102IS Sample Kit (CDC)
  5. image_374
    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK3903IS Sample Kit (CDC)
  6. image_373
    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK3902IS Sample Kit (CDC)
  7. image_320
    Optical Navigation Sensors PMK3389IS-T3QU
  8. image_311
    CMOS Sensors PAC7673EE
    Free Sample
  9. Pixart_PAT9125 Eval-SensorBoard
    Optical Navigation Sensors PAT9125KS-I
  10. Pixart_PAT9125 SPI Eval-SensorBoard
    Optical Navigation Sensors PAT9125KS-M

12 Items

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